At Redondo’s LLC., we take product safety seriously. In addition to strict company Sanitation and Inspection Standards that are further enforced by third party agencies, we have incorporated the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point, or HACCP (pronounced as hassip) system (originally developed by NASA astronauts to prevent hazards that could cause food-borne illnesses by applying science-based controls) to ensure product safety and to fulfill the USDA safety regulations.

USDA Safety Inspections
Daily inspections are conducted by FSIS (Food Safety and Inspection Service) Inspector. If standards are not met, Redondo’s LLC. will not be able to produce food products until problem areas are rectified.

Internal Sanitation and Inspection Standards

Internal Inspection Standards are enforced by the HACCP system. The process involves the analysis of hazards, identification and implementation of preventative and monitorial procedures of critical control points, and the establishment of corrective actions and record keeping. Redondo’s employees are also educated on the importance of food safety to further enforce safe production. Internal sanitation inspection is carried out through bacteriological examinations to ensure there are no traces of bacteria such as Salmonella and Listeria.

Third Party Inspections
In addition to daily USDA inspections and internal sanitation and inspection standards enforced by HACCP, Redondo’s LLC. has annual third party food safety audit which manually inspects the factory facilities, the HACCP process and its records.

Through establishing trust from our consumers of the quality and safety of our products, Redondo’s continues to do business with nation-wide restaurant food store chains.